A Year on South Georgia: Sam Crimmin, Quark Expeditions Doctor

August 11, 2016 Special Guest Author

Note: The following guest post was written by one of Quark Expeditions' very own onboard doctors, Sam Crimmin. Here, Sam recounts her first-hand observations and experiences living in Antarctica through each of its varied seasons.

“If you were to take a giant caring knife, slice along beneath the highest mountain ridges of Switzerland, just where the huge glaciers tumble into the valley below, and then drop your slice of mountain, dripping with sugar-icing, into the sea, I think you would get a fair idea of the place. For it is long and narrow and everywhere the snow covered mountains rise straight from the water, reaching near the centre of the island to a height of over 9,000 feet. Seen from afar on an early spring day, South Georgia is a breathtaking sight and one not easily forgotten.” Niall Rankin, Author of Antarctic Isle Wild Life In South Georgia. 

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